Human trafficking, or better described as modern day slavery, is a global problem that is affecting every nation in our world. This illegal trade of humans for sexual exploitation or coerced labor has millions of victims in it’s grip.

There are 30 million enslaved today, which means more slaves now than ever before in the history of humanity. According to UNICEF, 2 million children are currently being exploited in the commercial sex industry. This injustice should end. From GB Road in New Delhi to Bronx in New York, Kiev in Ukraine or Asunción in Paraguay, there is a cry for freedom rising.,
Join us and become an abolitionist.

is an anti-human trafficking non-profit organization founded in 2010 to bring freedom and hope to the victims of human trafficking. rescues women out of forced prostitution providing them a home, rehabilitation, vocational training and employment opportunities.

helps these women to start a new chapter in their lives as they re-enter society. It also works towards raising awareness about human trafficking in partnership with governmental agencies, private corporations and in collaboration with the fashion, arts, music and sports world.


Rescuing destitute women from the cycle of exploitation in partnership with local authorities and social organizations and providing them a clean and safe place to recover while receiving legal, medical, spiritual and emotional support.


By providing language and vocational training in various fields through partnerships with schools and corporations, these women are equipped with the skills necessary to re-enter society.


Through a network of engaged individuals and corporations, we are able to facilitate job placement helping these women to become financially independent.

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